You are at a crossroad in your life. How do you know? It’s become painfully obvious: the same issues and obstacles keep repeating themselves.

You find yourself:

  • Yearning for deeper intimacy, better communication, passion and close connection with those you care about
  • Facing challenges with health, sexuality, relationships, parenting, work, and money
  • Feeling frustrated and unable to find your way out of self-defeating patterns and habits
  • Struggling with how to express and contribute your unique gifts, talents and abilities
  • Overwhelmed by finances and feeling like prosperity is always out of reach

I’m Johanina Wikoff, PhD. I’ve been teaching the art and science of conscious relating to thousands of people for the past 40 years. I offer you expert guidance, tools and support to get to the root of what’s stopping you so that you can transform your life.

What I’ve learned is that a moment of  passion, intimacy, or creativity can awaken us to the truth of our being but lasting transformation happens in the realm of relationship. Specifically, change happens in three core relationships: you with you, you with other, you with life purpose, work and money.

Often, we’re challenged in all three areas. The good news is, once you get to the heart of one of these relationship areas, you’ll start having breakthroughs in all of them.

1) Your Relationship with YOU

Loving and valuing your Self is the first and last step. You start here and return, again and again. We are never done discovering what real Self-love is. This means understanding the difference between your personality and your true, authentic Self. It means recognizing that you are not your trauma, conditioning, and limiting beliefs. I will show you how you can find fulfillment and acceptance within, so that you can stop the suffering caused by seeking approval and self worth outside of yourself.

Your relationship with you also includes loving your body and your sexuality as it matures and goes through the cycles of life and love. I will teach you how you can experience the fullest and most unbounded range of pleasure that you can imagine – and share that in exquisite intimacy with another.

2) Your Relationship with Other

All of us have a deep desire for intimate loving with another, but when it comes to relationships, most of us have found ourselves in “ships” more like dinghies than the grand sailing vessels we imagined for ourselves. I have been distilling state-of-the-art relationship tools for the past four decades and can teach you the secrets to finding and keeping a passionate, conscious loving relationship alive. One size does not fit all. Learn how to attract and create the kind of intimate relationship that suits you best.

3) Your Relationship with Money and Life Purpose

You can stop repeating those sabotaging patterns around finances and get relief from your constant anxiety about money. You can create clarity, abundance and prosperity in your life so that you can be free to focus on things that are more important and fulfilling. I can show you how. I transformed my own money issues. Now let me show you the simple ways I used and become abundant and prosperous yourself.

A Radical Approach

Let’s face it, the world is evolving faster than any of us can comprehend. Your life is too full and busy to waste time on techniques that don’t work. If you are going to devote time and money to making a transformation, you want to work with someone who knows the terrain and has the skillful means and sensitivity to guide you in the direction that you want to go NOW.

That’s why I’ve distilled four decades of research and practice into an approach specifically designed to take you to the heart of what really maters to you.  I’ll show you how you can unravel trauma, conflict  and the obstacles that keep you from having the life and love you want.

I offer you:

  • a psychological foundation from which to understand your personality and the patterns that you have inherited and created
  • body-mind healing and embodied practices –because the body doesn’t lie – that help you release trauma and discover what is so for you in the here and now
  • practical relationship and sex coaching to help you access the communication skills and the soul-satisfying, passionate connection that you long for
  • wealth, life purpose, and work coaching so that you can translate your gifts into a prosperous livelihood.

Passion and Clarity are Waiting for You

So whether you’re here to heal past wounds and trauma, to accelerate your personal awakening, to create the kind of relationship you want, or to transform your relationship with money and work, I offer you the personal one-on one guidance (either in person or by phone), the proven tools, and a range of programs designed to get you there.

Because here’s what’s waiting for you:

  • Partnership, passion, sexual fulfillment and intimacy
  • Clarity about your purpose and the inspiration to bring your gifts to the world
  • Freedom from financial worry and greater flow of prosperity
  • Improved communication and deeper connection with those you love
  • Self acceptance and confidence as you embrace your own True Self

It’s Your Time

Let’s get started. Call or email me to schedule a 30-minute FREE phone consultation and let’s talk about your new life.

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