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It’s not too late for an exciting and satisfying love life

Even if you’re too busy, been hurt, disappointed and lost that loving feeling, it’s not too late to repair your relationship and revitalize your love life.

We’ll show you how you can turn relationship stumbling blocks into stepping stones that lead to passion, abundance, and intimacy.

Research tells us we are happier, healthier, live longer and are more successful when we are in a secure, loving relationship.

Love is simple. Relationships are complex and challenging.  Unfortunately, few of us were taught skills for growing and sustaining a healthy passionate relationship.

We show you how to recognize and change the beliefs and behaviors that sabotage intimacy, then teach you how to create and sustain a fulfilling, intimate connection.

         Don’t give up !

We’ll show you how to turn your relationship challenges around and revitalize your love life:

  • Identify and repair negative behaviors
  • Learn to listen, communicate, and make relationship repairs
  • Create emotionally fulfilling intimacy
  • Rediscover desire and romance
  • Enjoy more fun, pleasure and sexual fulfillment
  • Resolve money issues and create abundance
  • Let go of past disappointments and create a new relationship

How We Work With You:

We know that each person and couple face a unique set of challenges. Our initial phone consultation and assessment forms prepare us to focus on your needs. Then we map a course of action specifically designed for you.

  • Step one:
    You gain insight and understanding into your issues so that you can make a shift in the way you relate.
  • Step two:
    You learn the skills and tools to repair your relationship when you become triggered or reactive.
  • Step three:
    You learn to nourish your intimate connection with pleasure and play.
  • Step four:
    You learn how to integrate and sustain change.

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We are Johanina Wikoff and Andy Milberg, a married couple, and therapeutic coaches who have worked with over 7000 people at all stages and types of relationships in the last 40 years.  One of the things we’ve learned is that even when you are feeling hurt, frustrated, or at the brink of separating, you can repair your relationship and rekindle your love life.

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