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It’s not too late for an exciting and satisfying love life

Even if you’re too busy, been hurt, disappointed and lost that loving feeling, it’s not too late to repair your relationship and revitalize your love life. Research tells us that people in secure loving relationships are happier, healthier, enjoy longer lives and are more successful.

Great relationships are like well tended gardens; with proper care and the right nutrients, they nourish our body and soul.

Love has healing power when it connects us with the real qualities of our own and each other’s essence.

Being present to love helps us shift from processing “what’s wrong or what’s missing” to being connected.

Love sounds simple and easy. And it is.

It’s relationships that are complex and challenging; Especially when the unpacked baggage from our past gets in the way of loving and being loved. Unfortunately, few of us were taught skills for growing and sustaining a healthy passionate relationship. So, it’s not surprising that you’ve been confused and disappointed in relationships.

         But don’t give up !


There is a way to turn your relationship challenges around and re-invent your love life:

  • Identify and repair negative behaviors
  • Create a secure and emotionally fulfilling connection
  • Re-romance your relationship
  • Rediscover desire
  • Enjoy more pleasure and intimacy

And if you are single, we will help you prepare for and attract the best relationship of your life.

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Who We Are


Johanina Wikoff


Andy Milberg

We are Johanina Wikoff and Andy Milberg, and during the past 40 years we’ve worked with over 7000 people at all stages of coupling. One of the things we’ve learned is that even when you are feeling hurt, frustrated, or at the brink of divorce, you can repair and rebuild your love life.

Johanina Wikoff PHD is an innovative guide and mentor known for her ability to weave somatic, sexological, and relational psychology with traditional teachings from the 64 arts of love, the Kama Sutra and Tantra.

Andy Milberg is a senior teacher and coach of the Hoffman Process, a highly respected program for healing and transforming early childhood wounds. He’s worked in the field of transformative education since the 1970’s and studied Tantra Yoga since 1990.


Dare to Love Again
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Intimacy Coaching – Why Work With Us

  • We’re experienced and knowledgeable guides and mentors dedicated to helping people create, repair and revitalize their love lives.
  • Our work is based in the current research on secure adult bonding, neuroscience, couple and sex therapy, body-mind integration, developmental and somatic psychology.
  • We teach the Arts of Love and Intimacy based in the Kama Sutra and Tantra as a practice to nourish intimacy and awareness.
  • We help people discover the riches and pleasures of Mature Love & Sex.
  • Our coaching sessions and relationship intensives are personalized to meet your needs.

Learn more about sessions and retreats

  • Is your relationship bogged down with unresolved issues?
  • Are you at a crossroad and wondering whether to go or stay?
  • Do you avoid intimacy and/or sex?
  • Are you tired of money being an issue?
  • Are you single and tired of relationships that leave you feeling discouraged or disappointed?

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